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  • Dorie Davidson

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  • Lisa Erdman, Edward Estlin, John Ray, Jr., Erich Zann

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  • George Scott (print), Javier A. Mayorga (web)

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  • Jenine Gordon Bockman


  • Clea Bockman (daughter)
  • Laura Buccieri
  • Sarah C. Cook
  • Lea Ann Mislevy
  • Margaret Moore
  • Becky Tseytkin

Past Interns

  • Emily Alli, Harold Braswell, Nandita Batheja, Ellen Burns, Alison Castleman, Erica Chang, Emily Cohen, Kate Dundon, Gillian Green, Brittany Hall, Alison Har-Zvi, Alexis C. Jolly, Chelsea Langford, Shireen Madon, Lauren E. Shuffleton, Olivia Silver, Emily Sorg, Sally Stark, Katherine Tandler, Paige Trubatch


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