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Spring 2015 Issue

A Young Person’s Guide to Philosophy: I Think Therefore I Am, A Round-Up By Barbara Ungar

Second Prize, 2014 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
    Thales said the world floats like a log on endless water.
All things are full of gods.
                        Anaximander said we evolved from fish…

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Chicago By Barbara Wuest

Farthest was the horizon, then the Lake, Lakeshore Drive, closer still the zoo, its camels wandering inside the fence, then the steamed-up glass of the conservatory, and closer still, the windows of the suite on the 16th floor where two lie together….

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The World Recast by Flash Cards By Donald Levering

First Prize, 2014 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
And when I came to
in that blasted wilderness
blurry and paralyzed
I had no words for who or where I was….

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Diana at the Salon By Maria Terrone

Intricate equipment suspended
from above descends
to warm her skull…

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Closed For Now By Maria Terrone

Before my travels, I rip away the magazine label
so no one will see my name, as if this useless
reflex could protect me…

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The Two Supers By Lynne Sharon Schwartz

The Puerto Rican super next door
was an outrageous flirt, and I
in a careless way, flirted back….

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How the Mighty Have Fallen By Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Platinum-bleached Miss Romanoff, Tsarina
of bookkeeping, with layers of caked powder
on her sour, corpse-like face, a voice like shovels
scraping dirt off coffins…

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Contraptions By Philip Fried

Seduced by the billiard-ball physics of Rube Goldberg,
God became addicted to convoluted

Contraptions for accomplishing simple tasks…

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Relics By June Blumenson

Third Prize, 2014 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
she was in the ground,
sent off to,
god knows where,
we returned to the house…

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Dirty Work By David Filer

I’ve heard of ways to kill them
or drive them away — traps,
gas, injections of canine

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