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Jeffrey Michael Bockman

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Jeff is a co-founder of the 20 year-old literary journal Literal Latte. He originally trained as a scientist (PhD from Berkeley) after which he earned a Masters from the NYU Creative Writing Program. He currently consults to the BioPharma industry on the development of cancer drugs. He has published short fiction, creative non-fiction and occasional poems in various print and online journals including American Letters & Commentary, Connecticut Review, CrossConnect, Gargoyle, Iowa Review (Online), Manhattan Review, Post Road, RiversEdge, and 3rd bed.

Contributions by Jeffrey Michael Bockman

February 1996 Issue

Korsakoff’s Town

Our town was like most other towns, strapped to the ground by sidewalks and streets, weighted by grey buildings, and tramped down by an allotropic populace, of people and their various permutations….

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