Hamlet as Rhinestone Cowboy

By Cody Todd

In a parking-lot made of dust and stones at Yorrick-Deuces, 
y’all kiss as still as cacti hidden in       your                 ex-
husband’s front seat. His ghost hovers the       mechanical-
bull, a jostling and delirious animal, injured and convinced 

it may mate before death.                                The moon is 
carved of ivory, and appears to hover like       a drowned girl 
on the lake from afar.  I think in terms of ghost, in terms 
of the given ghost of Waylon Jennings, projected from 

your blouse and a frightened boy understands 
the difference between it and night.                Mother, 
Im not here to forget you, Im here to recall 
the sound of the echo no one 
will hear. Your ex-husband’s ear,                    a disturbance 
amidst the butterflies in the field. The world  awakens 
with the gun, the gut-rot, and one shot left,    floating on a lake. 

Everything gained and lost; my revenge has its cost.  

Shame on, and I love,                                      The things we used to say and do.
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About Cody Todd

Cody Todd is the author of Graffiti Signatures (2013, Main Street Rag) & the chapbooks, Canvas of Ash (Forthcoming, Tebot Bach) and To Frankenstein, My Father (2007, Proem Press). His poems have appeared in the Gettysburg Review, Salt Hill, The Florida Review, and The Literary Review among other journals. He is also the Managing Editor & co-creator of the online literary journal, The Offending Adam.

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