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Stacie P. Leone is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Ithaca, NY. She was recently published in Defunct magazine. She has contributed feature stories to The Ithaca Times, and was a features writer for The Guide Istanbul. She is currently working on a book about Turkey. Before deciding to write full-time, she was a marketing/public relations executive in New York City.

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Fall 2014 Issue

A Certain Sound in the Oasis

Lying belly down on the floor, I slid almost completely under the bed to reach my suitcase. Our bedroom loft was the driest place in the house, still, green velvety mildew had sprouted all over the bag since I returned from Leyla’s house on the Aegean the week before. Matt’s canvas duffle somehow resisted mold, but I didn’t want to ask to borrow it. We lived in Istanbul, in a one-room house on a hill where the Bosporus merges with the Black Sea….

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