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Poe Ballantine is headed for Odessa, Texas, looking for a hotel with fat black waitresses, electric fans in the windows, heaps of iced shrimps, bored blondes reading oversized fashion magazines, cool, cotton tablecloths, a gin rickey with just the right amount of sugar, and a job washing dishing where the cooks never burn the oatmeal.

Contributions by Poe Ballantine

April 2008 Issue

House of Spiders

Niagara Falls, New York, everyone end of the world nervous: plants closing, the lake poisoned, people getting out, the few left given up. Max on welfare, Magger the acidhead on welfare too, healthy men in their twenties sitting at the bar till their money ran out. I poured drinks for them. Benny watched from the corner. The girls slithered in and out.

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March 1997 Issue

Shiva Dancing

Thackeray Fulbright gets lost and his colleagues try to help him, return him, point him in the right direction. Can you remember, Professor? Can you remember, Thackeray?

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