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Marian Kaplun Shapiro is the author of a professional book, Second Childhood (Norton, 1988), a poetry book, Players In The Dream, Dreamers In The Play (Plain View Press, 2007) and two chapbooks: Your Third Wish (Finishing Line, 2007); and The End Of The World, Announced On Wednesday (Pudding House, 2007).

As a Quaker and a psychologist, her poetry often addresses the embedded topics of peace and violence, often by addressing one within the context of the other.

A resident of Lexington, she was named Senior Poet Laureate of Massachusetts in 2006 and again in 2008. Her work received the Elizabeth Bolton award.

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Spring 2010 Issue

Prayer For The New Year

Be sweet, my soul,
be soft, my soul
go round the bend gently, gently[…]

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Spring 2010 Issue

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Third Prize, 2009 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
I have a who singing silently to your who singing
silently to my who, whoever and whomever

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