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Judy Fort Brenneman is an award-winning author, essayist, and playwright. She is especially interested in human resilience: how we survive, learn and grow from, and transcend traumas and challenges. Her articles, essays, reviews, and plays have appeared in a wide range of publications and places. She is co-editor of and contributor to the award winning anthology High IQ Kids: Collected Insights, Information, and Stories from the Experts and bylined ghost writer for Positive Parenting for Bipolar Kids. Judy is also a writing coach, with a special emphasis on clients who have brain injuries, mental illnesses, and other neurological challenges. Through her company, Greenfire Creative, she creates and presents writing workshops, including the Interpretive Writing Intensive.

Contributions by Judy Fort Brenneman

Fall 2012 Issue

Amanda’s Violin

Third Prize, 2011 Literal Latte Essay Award.
The round table at the coffee shop is covered with a dark green and tan cloth. The four chairs fill its arc on the side away from the wall. I’m on one end of the arc; my backpack and a white teddy bear named Snowball fill the next two chairs; and Amanda, a slight, elven-faced girl-child of ten, sits in the fourth chair….

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