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Jendi Reiter's first book, A Talent for Sadness, was published in 2003 by Turning Point Books. Her work has appeared in Poetry, The New Criterion, Mudfish, The Sow's Ear Poetry Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Alligator Juniper, MARGIE: The American Journal of Poetry, Best American Poetry 1990 and many other publications. Awards include first prize for poetry in Alligator Juniper's 2006 National Writing Contest, a $2,500 third prize in the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg 2005 Poetry Prize contest, and two awards from the Poetry Society of America. She is the editor of Poetry Contest Insider, an online guide to over 750 writing contests, published by Visit her personal blog at for poetry, book reviews, and spiritual reflections. "Grateful, Thankful" is a chapter from her novel-in-progress.

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March 2008 Issue

Grateful, Thankful

I could have avoided all that trouble if only I had remembered the capital of North Dakota. Normally I took schoolwork seriously, but it had been a late night at band practice and I decided to give myself a pass on memorizing stupid places I would never live. I couldn’t see my mother moving us […]

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