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Elisa Pulido's writing has appeared in River Styx, The Ledge, Another Chicago Magazine, Margie, The North American Review and RHINO in the US and in Interchange and The New Welsh Review in the UK. In 2004, she helped found the Casa Romantica Reading Series in San Clemente, California. In 2007 she was made an honorary member of Academi Cardiff, the national literary society of Wales. She is currently doing coursework for a PhD in Religious Studies at Claremont Graduate University. You can find her her poem "Trogloditophobia" online by clicking here and "Elko County" at by clicking here.

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Spring 2010 Issue

Mrs. Ruzicka Goes Solo

Mrs. Ruzicka’s seat in an orchestra box to the far right of the concert hall allows her to look directly into the face of the concertmaster. She thought she had fallen in love with him during Dvorak’s Symphony No. 6 in D, but now that the orchestra has begun Dvorak’s Serenade for strings, she is sure of it. The grace of his bow splits her chest like a surgeon’s knife[…]

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