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Elsewhere 2 (2008)
by Carl Gopal

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Summer By The Editors

I can’t believe it is time for another issue already. I am even more shocked that summer is here. It has been a very busy and exciting year for us with the new site launched and the anthology out, but I feel like I should also keep apologizing for the times that the good things have made us a bit behind schedule….

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God of Books By Margi Fox

First Prize, 2009 Literal Latte Essay Award.
My uncle Henry Robbins was the God of Books. When a massive heart attack felled him at New York’s 14th Street subway station nearly three decades ago, he was also Dutton’s Editor-in-Chief. Others may have written the books, but he brought them full blown to life[…]

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Mares Eat Oats By George Dila

Second Prize, 2009 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
We got this assignment in our Adult Ed creative writing class, the assignment being to write a little story about our mother, Mother’s Day being just a couple of weeks away, and all. Just one page. Like a sketch or a vignette. A little scene, maybe, with some action and dialogue….

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Mr. Benz By Luke Fiske

First Prize, 2009 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
My wife came home that first evening with a note. Dear Karen, I seem to be lying here more and more thinking about how grateful I am to you, and what a special person you are

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depersonalization By Virginia Aronson

The plan was, i would go into the hole, sit in the queen’s chair, and exit my body.

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Nature vs. Nurture By Carol Winters

Harriett Hemenway made the decision to become an artist during her freshman English Literature class. She didn’t make the commitment out of a dislike for literature, quite the opposite actually, but it was her way of not tempting fate[…]

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Offerings By Laurel Bastian

Because it’s instinct
to bring a small gift
when you visit
I want to leave oranges for the chimpanzees
in the zoo’s primate house

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What Frommer’s Left Out By Laurel Bastian

Winner, 2009 Literal Latte Food Verse Contest.
The Ristorante di Memoria
has a zealot for a chef….

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