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July 1999

The Premier Issue of Literal Latté
Appeared in NYC — June 1994


A Day at the Beach By Tyler C. Gore

On Thursday, I took a water taxi out to the Fire Island lighthouse museum with Lucy and her family. The museum was closed, but the park ranger was nice enough to let us in to watch a video about the lighthouse. “It’s very homemade,” she warned us as she popped it in the VCR, thus defusing my sneering cynicism before I could even get it started. Afterwards, Lucy and her family took the water taxi back, but I decided to walk, lured by rumors of a nude beach in the vicinity[…]

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Life During Wartime By Ellie Forgotson

Summer in New York City. Year of our lives 1997. About eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit. On Clinton Street, a teenage boy slams his fist into a chain link fence and shouts at his girlfriend: “You ain’t nothing, bitch! You show me some respect!”

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A Fairy Tale Dream By Kay Sloan

On the fence sits a cat with a cracked eye
staring down from its moony perch, inviting
the dreaming children down a path

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The Rug Pulled Out From Under You By Dick Allen

Small or large, it feels the same. What took
your feet once casually now takes your breath away,
but wasn’t it splendid when you rolled it out at first,
all that intricate design, the woof and warp…

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