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Fall 2012 Issue

Our Potluck (Your Contribution) By Daniel A. Harris

Winner, 2012 Literal Latte Food Verse Contest.
“Cupcakes?!” “Oui, mais cupcakes de France!” you purr.
We grin — that coarse word young Julia, post-war,
would have scorned. Il n’ya pas un mot français….

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Spring 2010 Issue

Paperboy By Melanie McCabe

Second Prize, 2009 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
At twelve, I could only see the seventeen-year-old boy
as a gift. A fluke from God […]

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Summer 2009 Issue

Offerings By Laurel Bastian

Because it’s instinct
to bring a small gift
when you visit
I want to leave oranges for the chimpanzees
in the zoo’s primate house

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January 2007 Issue

Minding The Gap By Janet Gilman

Today on the subway an old man sat on my lap. He just backed right up into me and sat down. I tried to push him off, but he looked from side to side as though something slightly annoyed him, and sat there. The subway was crowded, and some boys from the high school stared […]

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