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Fall 2009 Issue

Permanent Stains By Eileen Malone

She puts out bowl of anchovies
hunk of salami, round of cheese
a loaf of sour-dough bread

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Summer 2009 Issue

Offerings By Laurel Bastian

Because it’s instinct
to bring a small gift
when you visit
I want to leave oranges for the chimpanzees
in the zoo’s primate house

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What Frommer’s Left Out By Laurel Bastian

Winner, 2009 Literal Latte Food Verse Contest.
The Ristorante di Memoria
has a zealot for a chef….

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Spring 2009 Issue

On the Set By JoAnne Preiser

Second Prize 2008 Latte Poetry Awards
They’re making a movie
at the old state mental institution;
they’re making it look
like it’s 1954[…]

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3 Fascicles By Suzanne Heyd

First Prize, 2008 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
Curls drench & I can but wonder is she drowning & is there any once
upon a time.
The river’s looking glass glints ruthlessly northward & there’s tensile strength to the locks.
Postpone your departure love, this may be a miracle in the offing.

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Fall 2008 Issue

Mistletoe By Starkey Flythe

I see it against sky, winter
cloroxing the light as I aim
the rifle, each clump, parasite […]

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A Good Idea at the Time By Brooke Pacy

it must have seemed like a good idea at the time:
to wriggle up from moon-swung deeps, from slime
climb onto rock, grow legs–six? four? […]

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Night School, North Hill, Akron, August 1966 By Kimberly Willardson

She made us go to bed while it was still light out, when there was life yet
in the wide street below our pent-up apartment and we could hear Mr. and Mrs.
Soleni argue about money as they sponge-washed their new Pontiac […]

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Untitled By Emily Sorg

(Note: It’s not about the fat.)

I have found,
it is easiest to choose
nothing at all […]

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The Supper Star By Anne Shaw

Lay your plate in the grass,
your silver knife, your spoon. Position the fork, tines up
to comb the wind. […]

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