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Spring 2011 Issue

James Prochnik By James Prochnik

James Prochnik is an artist and photographer currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His photography has been licensed by Photonica (now part of Getty Images), published in Fortune Magazine, and used as book covers and illustrations for a variety of clients including Microsoft. In 2011, his artworks were featured in a solo show at The Soundry, in Vienna, Virginia, and in a group show at The D.C. Loft Gallery in Washington, D.C. You can read more about James at Plastic Army and follow James at his Facebook fan page.

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Fall 2010 Issue

Sebastian Wahl By Sebastian Wahl

Using labor-intensive hand-collage techniques Wahl’s works on paper often harmonize concentric composition strategies with elements of landscape and narrative. Unlike many contemporary collage artists Wahl’s astonishingly detailed works are executed without digital processes. A resin-coating technique he developed in 2006 lends a three-dimensional quality and an illuminating texture to each hand-constructed composition.

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Spring 2010 Issue

Dino Valls By Dino Valls

As one of the Spanish representatives of the vanguard of figurative art, Valls’ work displays the strong influence of past masters and their studies of the human form. In the early ’90s, Valls began studying the use of egg tempera, adapting and customizing the techniques of Italian and Flemish masters from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries to create new works in combinations of tempera and oil. His paintings elaborate and expand upon the methods of past masters, employing formal figurative techniques as the medium through which to explore the human psyche in a conceptual framework laden with profound psychological weight and symbolism.

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Fall 2009 Issue

Beth Robinson By Beth Robinson

What are these strange creatures?
Beth Robinson’s dolls are misproportioned, strangely dressed, and they have a story and character uniquely their own. Each doll is entirely hand made using polymer clays, vintage fabrics, acrylic paint, and sometimes real human hair or teeth. Each piece is one of a kind. No molds are used. No piece manufactured. Robinson’s dolls have appeared in galleries throughout the USA as well as in Europe, and have been featured in the magazines Art Doll Quarterly, SPIN, Stuff, Maxim, and Rue Morgue, among others.

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Summer 2009 Issue

Carl Gopal By Carl Gopal

Carl Gopal is a painter and writer working in acrylic, mixed media and photography. His self-taught technique often involves months of research, reflection and experimentation before touching a canvas. Almost all his work in some way explores Consciousness.

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Spring 2009 Issue

Brian Booker By Brian Booker

Brian Booker’s assemblages are often situated in collaged wooden boxes, in which blocks of clear resin–containing preserved biological specimens, glass vials, antique texts, cloth, and other items–are mounted. He is interested in the Wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities as a genre with both plastic and literary possibilities.

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Fall 2008 Issue

Lynn Saville By Lynn Saville

Lynn Saville specializes in photographing both cities and rural settings at twilight and dawn, or as she describes it, “the boundary times between night and day.”

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