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Robert Moulthrop, author and playwright, lives and works in New York City. A member of Paragraph, his stories have recently appeared in Confrontation, Berkeley Fiction Review, Eclipse,  Sou’Wester, Portland Review, Willard & Maple, and The MacGuffin. A New Jersey State Council on the Arts grant recipient, his play Half Life (about a pedophile returning to his community) won the ’05 New York Fringe Festival Outstanding Playwriting Award; at the ’06 Fringe, T. L. C. (about a mother fixated on her son) won the Outstanding Performance Award for its solo actress; Lecture, With Cello (’08 Fringe)—a one-man exploration of art, truth, love, and madness—was subsequently produced in ’10 at Spotlighters in Baltimore. At the ’09 Phoenix International Fringe Festival he performed Blood, Death, Drag & Mom: reading 17 original stories in 5 performances over 4 days.  “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”

Contributions by Robert Moulthrop

Fall 2010 Issue

Four Stories from The Quiet

First Prize, 2010 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
I am still attracted to quiet. Even when Estelle was frenetic, I sensed an interior calm. She had combed her raven hair; her hands could sometimes be still. And her name held a promise: diamond pinpoints of light hanging still in a dark, black winter sky…

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