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Patricia Lynne Duffy is the author of Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens: How Synesthetes Color their Worlds (Henry Holt & Company), which has been reviewed in both the popular press as well as in academic journals, Cerebrum and the APA Review of Books. She has taught English at New York University, the City University of New York, and the UN Language Programme and has written articles for publications including New York Newsday, the San Francisco Chronicle ("All the Colors of the Rainbow"), the Boston Globe, and the Village Voice. Her article, "The Art of Miss'Tic: from the Paris Streets to Gallery Chic" is published in nyc Big City Lit. Her work is included in the anthologies They Only Laughed Later: Tales of Women on the Move (Europublic Press) and Soulful Living (HCI). She is also the author of a chapter, "Synesthesia and Literature" in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook on Synesthesia. She has traveled in Africa, China and Europe and especially France, and keeps a blog on her mishaps using the French language.

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March 1999 Issue

Dining in French

One of the unifying features of domestic France is a network of window boxes that burst with cascading geraniums of the brightest pink. I have observed this window box network from the soft stone houses of Bordeaux in the south to the brightly beamed buildings of Brittany in the north, and have speculated that it might extend even further in all directions, and in fact connect all of domestic France….

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