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Pamela Kenley-Meschino grew up in England, and many of her poems reflect her connection to the English landscape and her love of nature. She was about twelve when she wrote her first poem, when she realized the elemental magic of capturing a feeling, an event, the transient splash of life within the small space of a poem. 

She received an MA in Literature at Portland State University in Oregon where she lived with her husband and daughter for about fifteen years before moving to Long Island, New York. She currently teaches writing at Hofstra University.

Contributions by Pamela Kenley-Meschino

Spring 2011 Issue

Daylight Savings

This could be
my secret hour
when the loose
ends get gathered

Posted in Poetry | 5 Responses
Spring 2011 Issue

Ophelia’s Dress

Just call me Shakespeare’s
girl. Caught between folios.
Pressed into parchment. Dropped…

Posted in Poetry | 2 Responses
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