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Nancy Ludmerer's fiction has appeared in The Kenyon Review, Cimarron Review, Green Mountains Review, North American Review, Sou'wester, Gargoyle, The Masters Review’s “New Voices” Series, Chicago Literati, Fiction Southeast, and KYSO Flash. Her flash fiction has won awards from Night Train, Southeast Review, and Grain and has been featured on NPR-affiliated radio. "Kritios Boy," a prizewinner in Literal Latte's essay contest, was named a notable essay in The Best American Essays 2014 and her story “First Night” (River Styx) appears in Best Small Fictions 2016.  Other non-fiction has appeared in Green Mountains Review, Vogue, The American Lawyer, and the Sunday magazine of the San Francisco Chronicle.

She lives in New York City with her husband Malcolm and cat Sandy, a brave refugee from Superstorm Sandy.

Contributions by Nancy Ludmerer

Spring 2017 Issue


Over their last breakfast at the condo in Montauk, Clay told Nicky about a new ride at Adventureland called “Spinning Dinghies,” which was just right for boys his age. Clay pretended to be astonished that Nicky hadn’t been to Adventureland in his nearly four years on this earth.

“She never took me,” Nicky explained matter-of-factly, pointing at Celia….

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Spring 2015 Issue

The Russian Girl

We flew the flag at half-mast after Marina Lubov died. We gathered in the rec hall for what we thought would be a memorial service but that turned out to be something else. All 49 of us sat cross-legged on the floor in our blue shorts and white Camp Wigwam T-shirts, our silence broken only by occasional weeping….

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Winter 2013 Issue

Kritios Boy

Third Prize, 2012 Literal Latte Essay Award.
I’d always remembered Michael’s birthday, even when years and miles separated us, and when there it was in The New York Times death notices after his name, I knew it was him, my first love, beginning when I was fifteen….

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