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L.E. Grabowski-Cotton is a freelance writer and a professional writing coach. She holds an M.F.A. in Playwriting and Screenwriting from Florida State University's College of Motion Picture, Television, and Recording Arts, an M.A. in English Literature, and a B.A. in Communication from George Mason University. She has taught at the University of Memphis, Crichton College, and the New Bilingual Institute of George Mason University. Her written work includes stories, novels, poetry, articles, plays, and screenplays.

Each of L.E.'s five full-length screenplays have won multiple awards, placing in the top 10% of The Nicholl Fellowship and receiving recognition from The Art Within Labs Fellowship, The Austin Film Festival, The California Film Awards, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, Creative Screenwriting Magazine's AAA Screenplay Contest, The Table Read My Screenplay Sundance Contest, The WriteMovies International Screenwriting Contest, The Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, The American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest, The Downbeach Film Festival of Atlantic City, The Writer's Place Screenplay Contest, The Astoria/LIC International Film Festival, The Creative World Awards, Blazing Quill Screenwriting Contest, The 20/20 Screenwriting Contest, The CineStory Screenwriting Awards, The StoryPros International Screenplay Contest, The Virginia Film Office Governor's Screenwriting Competition, The Writer's Initiative Screenwriting Contest, The George Lindsey UNA Film Festival, The Beaufort International Film Festival, The Love Unlimited Film Festival, and The Scripttoid Writer's Challenge.

Her monologues and plays have been published in Young Women's Monologues from Contemporary Plays and The Best Ten Minute Play series. Her columns and reviews have appeared in Memphis Health and Fitness, Memphis Parent Magazine and NorthEastBookReviews.org. She currently teaches Creative Writing and Literature classes at several private academies and mentors writers online via her website, LauraWriter.Com.

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Winter 2012 Issue

The Mourning Dove

First Prize, 2011 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
When Emily entered the kitchen that evening, she wasn’t surprised to see newspapers spread all over the floor, the counters, the table. There seemed to be less than yesterday….

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