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Kristin Walrod is a Portland, Oregon-based fiction writer whose stories and essays have appeared in Nervy Girl, Stringtown, Storyglossia and Columbia Gorge Magazine. She has been teaching creative writing in high school and adult settings for over a decade, and serves on the Advisory Council for Portland Arts & Lectures’ Writers in the Schools program and on the board of Sitka Center for Arts & Ecology, a workshop and residency program on the Oregon coast. She is completing her first novel, By Accident.

Contributions by Kristin Walrod

Spring 2015 Issue

Trouble Brewing

Mom said, it’s important for me to serve, and that’s all she said about it, nothing about my dead little brother or Dad’s grief poured into the hood of broken-down cars in our front yard, or about the trouble I was in with the county and school and that other thing. She said that, then packed up and joined the Army, like she’s some eighteen year-old stumbling drunk into the recruitment office…

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