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Jessica Hutter is a French teacher by day and a writer by night. Sometimes the two worlds collide with curious results.

She is the winner of Rosebud Magazine’s Mary Shelley Award for Imaginative Fiction.

Contributions by Jessica Hutter

Winter 2016 Issue


Winner, 2015 Literal Latte Short Short Contest.
Ms. Kramer was explaining the difference between infinitives and imperatives to Lily Spencer for — not kidding — the fifth time when Jarod Troutman slapped a pair of cuffs on her. Half a pair, technically. The other ring was attached to his own wrist…

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Winter 2016 Issue


Winner, 2015 Literal Latte Short Short Contest.
Homecoming starts after sunset.
The crowd spills in from the three directions: East lot, North lot, and Weir lot — the one named after the teacher who died the year before we came….

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