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Jeanne Levy-Church is a native New Yorker but spent a large part her life in the Detroit area where she worked as a psychiatric social worker. When she returned to New York she was instrumental in creating an organization whose mission (in part) was to provide strategic help to people caught in the criminal justice system. These experiences in Detroit and New York had a deep impact on Jeanne's writing.

Jeanne has been published in the journals: Prism International, Apostrophe, Washington Square, Yemassee and the Chiron Review.

She has studied with Sheila Kohler, Elizabeth Gaffney and Gordon Lish.

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Fall 2014 Issue


Kaplan left for work yesterday morning holding a glass of grapefruit juice in his left hand.

“Why are you taking a glass of juice?” I shouted out the window.

“What?” he shouted looking up at the sky.

“The glass!” I shouted back….

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