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Since publishing his first work, a play, at the age of eighteen, Gregory Loselle has won four Hopwood Awards at The University of Michigan, where he earned an MFA. He has also won The Academy of American Poets Prize, the William van Wert Fiction Award from Hidden River Arts, and The Ruby Lloyd Apsey Award for Playwriting. He has won the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition, The Robert Frost Award of The Robert Frost Foundation, and the Rita Dove Prize for poetry from Salem College. His chapbooks Phantom Limb, and Our Parents Dancing have been published by Pudding House Press, and a third, The Whole of Him Collected, from Finishing Line Press. His short fiction has been featured in the Wordstock anthology and The Saturday Evening Post, and his poetry has appeared in The Ledge, Oberon, The Comstock Review, Rattle, River Styx, The Spoon River Poetry Review, The Pinch, Alehouse, Sow’s Ear, The New Guard, and online in The Ambassador Poetry Project. He teaches Language Arts and Art History in Grosse Ile, Michigan, drilling his students in the distinctions between can and may, good and well.

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Winter 2013 Issue

A Kite, A Frame, A Tail

Second Prize, 2012 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
Consider how a kite struck from the sky
collapses on itself and creases up
in flight: a battered bird, a broken hand…

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