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Gina P. Vozenilek is a freelance writer and the managing editor of Sport Literate Magazine (athletic prowess not being a prerequisite of the job). She earned a master's degree in literature at the University of Iowa and is now pursuing her MFA at Northwestern, where she is also working on the ballyhooed new TriQuarterly Online, set to launch in July.

Mrs. Vozenilek feels that this is an exciting time to be studying her evolving genre, creative nonfiction. Her book in progress explores the murderous connection between her great-grandfather and Al Capone's last archenemy. Her essays have appeared in Brain, Child, Ars Medica, and Notre Dame Magazine.

Contributions by Gina P. Vozenilek

Spring 2010 Issue

Book of Hours

Second Prize, 2009 Literal Latte Essay Award.
The ground comfortable as any bed. A whistle of grass between your teeth. The green blanket tickling and sticking to your sunburned arms, your thighs, the fleshy backs of your hands where they cross beneath your head. A rabbit! An elephant . . . now a truck. There: a whale! The wind swells high overhead in the trees. You recline with all the world above you, all before you, fluid and beautiful and endless. You are six[…]

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