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Colin Brezicki came to fiction-writing a little late in the day, having spent a long career teaching English and directing theatre in England and Canada. Since retiring, he has completed two novels and a collection of fifteen short stories.

"An Original Sin" won first prize in the Literal Latté Fiction Awards in 2014 and "Out of the Blue" was runner-up in 2015. "Paris Street: A Rainy Day" won the J.K. Galbraith Fiction Award, and "Defiled" won first prize in the 2014 Bosque (the magazine) fiction contest in New Mexico, both in 2014. Several other stories have been published in literary journals in Canada and the U.S.

David Bezmozgis and Richard B. Wright have been wise and patient mentors, and he owes much to fiction writers like William Boyd, Graham Swift and Miriam Toews, whose writing doesn’t read like writing. He has a weak spot for fiction that asks questions without answering them and leaves readers in a state of composed uncertainty, which he believes is as near to understanding life as most of us will get.

Now retired from a life of teaching he lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. He cycles to keep fit and writes to keep sane. He is grateful to NOEPE, a writers’ retreat in Martha’s Vineyard that provides an inspiring location and like-minded companionable enthusiasts.

His daughter Catherine, works as an editor in Toronto and reads his drafts with a keen eye and an active delete key.

His work can be found at

Contributions by Colin Brezicki

Winter 2016 Issue

Out of the Blue

Second Prize, 2015 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
I learned of the mortal health risks in reading Shakespeare from my star pupil, Henry Sprague III. You could say Henry made an impact, though the irony might offend. It doesn’t take much to offend these days, and nothing does it like the truth…

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Fall 2014 Issue

An Original Sin

First Prize, 2014 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
We have heavy weather in Muskoka on this Saturday afternoon, a big winter storm coming through. I’m backing out of my drive, heading to the convenience for propane, a few perishables, some beer. We’re okay with wine. Steaks are marinating. Life is good.

Snowing for an hour already. Best to go before the roads are a problem, even for four-wheel drive.

Beth and Ciara are inside the cottage, a fire blazing in the grate. Another long weekend together, away from the city.

But I’ve forgotten my wallet….

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