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Named New Mexico Young Poet of the Year just before she left Santa Fe for Mills College and the California coast, Christie Cochrell has been writing lots of everything in spiral notebooks for as long as she can remember. A personal travel essay about her experiences on the St. Bernard Pass, Crossroads of the Alps, was published in The World & I (Sept. 2001). A creative nonfiction piece, Inoa, written in Hawaii just after 9/11, won the Dorothy Cappon Prize for the Essay and was published in New Letters. Another, Oregano, was published in Tin House that winter. She’s recently finished two novels, one set in Crete and the other exploring her longtime love of the artist Pierre Bonnard. She lives in northern California in the amiable company of quails and neighboring alpacas, works for Stanford University Press while pursuing mostly-armchair archaeology, and travels whenever possible to favorite places in the world. More of her work can be seen on the creative writing blog Green Scooter.

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Winter 2012 Issue


Winner, 2011 Literal Latte Short Short Contest.
Isabel would attribute her undoing to that summer in Crete. She would recall how she was minding her own business, reproachlessly conducting research on the iconography of 14th-Century frescoes, when she found God…

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Winter 2012 Issue


Winner, 2011 Literal Latte Short Short Contest.
“A rolling stone gathers no moss.” That was the creed of the Stone family, proclaimed like God’s own truth by Mr. Stone all through the two boys’ school years…

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