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Amalia Gladhart is the author of Detours (Burnside Review Press) and translator of Trafalgar (by Angélica Gorodischer) and The Potbellied Virgin (by Alicia Yánez Cossío). Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in Necessary Fiction, Cloudbank, Bellingham Review, Stone Canoe, and elsewhere. She lives in Oregon and blogs, somewhat sporadically, at

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Spring 2015 Issue

Cloud Seeding in the Andes

I wasn’t supposed to go down by the cemetery, but I wasn’t with a boy. I was with Ana Inés and her cousins — we were looking for unguarded guavas — and then I was alone. So I was the only one who saw the plane, weaving and wobbling with a sound like a hive of bees about to explode or a lawnmower pushed way beyond its limits…

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