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Mandala - 2006 (detail)
by Sebastian Wahl

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The Philosophers Club By Leslie Rodd

First Prize, 2010 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
In the shadows of early afternoon, on a day of breakthroughs, I’m standing with Smitty and Sonya in front of the Kansas Asylum for the Insane in Topeka, where we’ve come to visit Monica. It’s June, 1940. We graduated from high school last week — our ceremony cancelled because of the tragedy — and already we’re feeling old.

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Four Stories from The Quiet By Robert Moulthrop

First Prize, 2010 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
I am still attracted to quiet. Even when Estelle was frenetic, I sensed an interior calm. She had combed her raven hair; her hands could sometimes be still. And her name held a promise: diamond pinpoints of light hanging still in a dark, black winter sky…

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Igneous or “of fire” By Rosemary Royston

Winner, 2010 Literal Latte Food Verse Contest.
Magma undulates in the mantle, forming as the Earth’s plates collide.
      A man and woman collide
      in a café. He pays for the coffee…

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Fritillary By W.F. Lantry

I half believe all wines exist at once
within this glass, I almost half believe
each can be tasted singly…

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Down on the Farm By Sally Yocom

It gets my goat to hear you lie.
We’ve hidden no black sheep.
So hold your horses, cut the corn.
Don’t make another peep…

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Modern Math By JGB

Discussed in this review: A Disappearing Number, Sweeney Todd, Company, A Little Night Music, Munch and Matisse, The Phantom of the Opera, and Shadow of the Wind.

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Film Review: The Fall (2008) By Allison Har-Zvi

The Fall, a 2008 film directed by Tarsem Singh and starring Lee Pace and Catinca Untaru, explores the power of fantasy to impact reality and become inextricably tangled with the real world.

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