First Annual Literal Latté Anthology

By The Editors

The anthology is out.

The Anthology: Highlights from Fifteen Years of a Unique “Mind Stimulating” Literary Magazine is now available.  Click the cover below to order the paperback edition from Amazon (it is also available in hardcover):

cover of The Anthology: Highlights from Fifteen Years of a Unique “Mind Stimulating” Literary Magazine

Here’s the press release:

The anthology collects the best brewed stories, poems, and essays from New York’s unique free literary magazine, Literal Latté, which stimulates writers’ careers and readers’ minds.

For fifteen years, New York’s community literary paper, Literal Latté, has kept free thought free, developed new writers, and fed hungry readers. Debuting in 1994, Literal Latté filled a void for aspiring writers and editors. In a world where it is almost impossible to get published without an agent and almost impossible to get an agent without getting published, Literal Latté provides a much-needed missing link.

Serving up thirty-thousand free copies in New York’s coffeehouses, book stores, and arts organizations, the editors published the highest level of new literature — a feast in many flavors. Now this feast is free to the world online. Suddenly, good writing, in a friendly and accessible format, became as popular as cappuccino.

This eclectic collection of short fiction, poetry, essays, and nonfiction will dazzle any lover of good writing. Each selection is fascinating, and the writing, delectably varied, is flawless and focused. The Bockmans have masterfully swirled forty-five pieces into an enticing brew. So, pour that cup of Joe, pick up a pair of biscotti, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

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About The Editors

Before 1994, New York City, the “publishing capital,” lacked a community literary paper featuring mind-stimulating stories, essays and poems for consumption by New York editors, agents, writers and readers. Literal Latté filled the void–debuting in June 1994 and offering 30,000 FREE copies of its literary brew in New York’s coffeehouses, bookstores and arts organizations. Reaching ten times as many readers as traditional literary magazines, Literal Latté caffeinated careers, bringing writers from around the world into the offices, homes and hands of New York’s publishing professionals, writers and readers. The founders knew that good writing, in a friendly and easily available format, would be as popular as cappuccino in a cafe in New York City.


  1. John Edwards
    Posted November 2008 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jenine and Jeff:

    I’m a former contributor (“The Moa Stalker”), and I just stumbled upon your site. What a great idea! An anthology! Where can I buy a copy? Can I order it from you?

    Sincerely, John M. Edwards

  2. Posted December 2008 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    The Anthology will be out in a few weeks and you will be able to order it thru any web bookseller, Amazon, B&N, iUniverse, etc. The anthology will have a complete index of all our published work as well. You can also pre-order directly from me BY December 15 at a discount. Use the contact form on this site and pick “Email me an order form for the Anthology” as the subject, and we’ll get you the order form for direct orders.

  3. Jenine Bockman
    Posted March 2009 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

    The Anthology is OUT. Order it NOW. Also stay tuned for New York readings and events where you will be able to buy copies as well.

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