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May 2000

The Premier Issue of Literal Latté
Appeared in NYC — June 1994


The Serpent Box and The Poison Jar By Vincent Louis Carrella

First Prize, 2000 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
Charles Flint had for some time been in the habit of consuming lethal doses of strychnine and lye. He learned it from the Bowsky brothers, several years back, under a patched canvas circus tent in the hills of north Georgia[…]

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Eating Van Gogh By Mark Simon Burk

I ate a Van Gogh. Not a major one. And not all of it. But I did manage to tear off an entree size piece and chew it until the bitter oils burned metallic hot in the back of my throat.

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Please, Believe Me, Ms. Weber, I Do Care about Details By Marcella Spruce

True, I have twice faxed my resume,
dear Ms. Weber. I did not have the dates
precisely right. I hope this tiny error…

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