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March 1997

The Premier Issue of Literal Latté
Appeared in NYC — June 1994


Slenderina By Ben Miller

Their new stone cell had a hole in one wall about a foot wide and three feet tall. Through the hole the lush unfenced meadow which surrounded the prison could be seen — blue blades of grass rustling in a slight wind, pink and red and purple wildflowers arcing over the grass like fancy plumed hats.

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Shiva Dancing By Poe Ballantine

Thackeray Fulbright gets lost and his colleagues try to help him, return him, point him in the right direction. Can you remember, Professor? Can you remember, Thackeray?

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Rule of Snowman By Stephen St. Francis Decky

Wilie Taylor will have his face rubbed into the snow until he screams, he will deserve it because he punched me first. Shawn Thomas will be forced to ride a bicycle all the way down the street – he won’t know that the bike has no brakes, and he will crash, and hurt his arm. […]

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Scraps By Maria Terrone

Poems heavy with rejection
sink into a trashbin
clearly marked for recycling —
my discarded lines no longer….

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